EVS in Active

EVS is an abbreviation for European Voluntary Service and it is one of the tools of European Comission to ensure mobility and non-formal education for young people.

What does it mean in real life? That it is possible for young people (18 - 30 years old) to go abroad for maximum one year (12 month), stay at some organisation that works with the issues one feels interested in (environment, alcohol prevention, sports etc) and to have chance to use the time and energy on being busy only with the topic. In addition to that, those who travel abroad for one year have a huge chance to learn the language of the country they choose and  learn more about the culture. EVS opens new possibilities in one's life.

Active in cooperation with NORDGU hosts 2 volunteers per year. If you want to know how they are doing, read their blog entries and if you want to be a volunteer in our office, contact office(at)activeeurope(dot)org.

The EVS is a part of "Erasmus+" Programme.

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