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The European Union, young people and alcohol :

        - Individual Country Profiles of WHO Member States focusing on the consumption of alcohol in populations, policy responses on national level, and the health consequences of alcohol consumption.

- An EU Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol related harm , available in all EU languages

- Assessment of the added value of the EU strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol- related harm, consists of a detailed overview of the Strategy and its related bodies and mechanisms

- Report on Health Inequalities in the European Union, outlining  the main factor of this problem in EU and pointing out towards alcohol and substance use

- European Union Information System on Alcohol and Health (EUSAH), maintained through a cooperation between the European Commission and the World Health Organization

- Global Information System on Alcohol and Health (GISAH), provides overview, facts and information on alcohol consumption patterns per country

Research and policy guides :

- Children of Alcoholics : A kit for Educators – by NACoA (National Association of Children of Alcoholics)

- A Diary Study of Self-esteem, Interpersonal interactions and Alcohol consumption  - an interesting overview of the linkage between self-esteem and alcohol use

- Alcohol attributable burden on incidence of Cancer - study on the relation between alcohol and cancer

- The Cost of Troubled Families – child protection through reporting on the social costs

- Key findings of the Health behaviour in School - Aged Children (HBSC) Study – summary of the child and adolescent health related behaviour

- Research on Alcohol Marketing – project Amphora

- Study on Self regulation and Alcohol marketing – the UK example of the (un)effectiveness of self-regulation measures

         - Alcohol Policy in Europe - Evidence from Amphora - A publication on the effect of alcohol on the European Societies, the effects of alcohol policy and the current state of play in the EU when it comes to the alcohol policy making processes

         - OECD Health-at-a-Glance-2013 - Report that addresses health , health determinants and health demographics , with a  reference to alcohol use and other non-medical determinants


Organizations working on alcohol and other drugs: 

- Amphora – is a 4 million EUR project co-financed by the European Commission which aimes to provide research and input into forming evidence-based alcohol policies

-European Alcohol Policy Aliance (Eurocare) – is a network of voluntary and non-governmental organizations working on the prevention and reduction of alcohol-related harm across 20 countries in Europe

- Eurochild – is a network of organizations and individuals working in and across Europe to improve the quality of life of children and young people 

- Europe Against Drugs (EURAD ) - is a European non profit drug policy Foundation that advocates a prevention and recovery oriented drug policy at national and international levela your social media marketing partner