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As you maybe understand I'm the new board member of Active, and I would like to present myself in this short text. Since 9 years now, I am  a truthfull member of one of the swedish sobriety organisations, and since 2012 I have been an active member in different Active events and activities, so I guess many of you have met me there.


In Active I will put my focus on policy work. I've learned about it partially from being a member over such a  long time, but also after my last year when I was working for IOGT-­NTO and UNF in Brussels office with policies, and other important and interesting topics.

In my freetime I enjoy outdoor activities,  such as climbing, mountain biking, hiking and all that wonderful things nature has to offer.  Sadly, this is not what I do all day, as I'm also studying to get my degree in lawstudies, but I think that that also is a wonderful and fun thing, so no sad faces from me ;)

So, that's some of my background. I would like to tell you about what would I like to get from Active. One of the important parts is, of course, to learn more about policy work because I believe that one could never be perfect in this field. And of course, I enjoy travelling, and as a member of european youth umbrella organisation, it will be a lot of that - and that is truly awsome.

And the last but not least, the office and the rest of the board of Active are are amazing. It will be a pleasure working with them!

As for you members out there, I hope you can have trust in me and the work I will be doing!



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