DiD Day one Blog - 1 june 2015

Hello everybody, how are all you guys today? 

We are very good because we are in Brussels! 

We started the day with the most amazing breakfast buffet to maximize our experience. We then had a session with Kristaps with a lot of funny group exercises and energizers for us to get to know each other. After we created an amazing group spirit we then moved on the a session with some rulemaking to increase our week here. There we also discussed individual fears and expectations of the week, and also how to reach and avoid them.

IMG 0092

Then it was time for the main event of the day - the lunch.

It took place in a super fancy place that we walked to from our hotel. We had a super cute red haired flemish waiter. We enjoyed our three course lunch and talked about our countries different cultures and had a great time. 

After the lunch we got back to the hotel and we reflected and informed each other of our processes of our projects so far. We also talked about the futures and how to get there. 

The Brussel office representative Ellica then shared recent developments in alcohol in EU since our last visit last November. Vasilka then continued with further information about the European Parliament and advocacy. 

And that’s our day so far. Now we’re off to dinner at an Italian place, which sounds lovely!

Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

All the best,

Tove (NSF Sweden), Samuel (Juvente Germany) and Simon (UNF Sweden).

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