Hannele directly from Brussels for EU alcohol policy

 Hannele Danielsson-Meréus Hannele Danielsson-Meréus

Hey Active-members!


Are you interested in alcohol policy in the EU?


The Swedish IOGT-NTO and UNF has an office in Brussels, political center of the European Union.


The office works full time with alcohol policy and tries to affect the politicians to think more about it.


This year we will be working a lot with alcohol advertisement and how to protect minors from being exposed to it. Very much like Active!'s Zoom in Media project! And the best part, this year I have gotten the chance to work in the office! Super exciting!


Some of you may have seen or met me in last year's Human Rights Generation-project. But no matter if we've met or not, you are very welcome to follow the office's page @Brysselkontoret and send a friend request to my profile that you can find there. This way you will get small updates right from the center of alcohol policy in Europe, directly to your everyday facebook feed. On my profile I will do summaries in English so that all of you international non-swedish members also have the chance to get an insight into what's going on in the office.


You are also all very welcome to contact me if you have any questions about the office, alcohol policy or the European Union!

Talk to you soon!


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