EVS / Life changing expierence

This year 2016 is 20 Years celebration for EVS Erasmus+


Hello My name is Greta and I want to share this with you!


After I have finished college I started to work at various different places. I was searching for the perfect place to work and fulfil my self, but it was not that easy. I would just get tired after a wail and coming to work would become not joyful or meaningful for me. I knew I have to do something. I couldn’t stay like this I wanted something more in my life, I wanted to find myself, find things I’m good at.

About EVS opportunity I heard trough my friend at first I thought that is a good idea but not for me. After a wail she encouraged me to try and apply for Nordgu, Active – Sobriety, friendship and peace so I did it. Making this decision was not easy, in the beginning of my journey I started to regret the decision I made. I was homesick and my emotions were so strong of the things that were holding me back. Only now I see how important for me is to go abroad and let go of all the things that are holding me. To become an independent women who can make decisions and look at the world with more open mind. This opportunity helps me to see my strengths where I’m good at and my weakness where I should improve. I believe that this year will help me to find myself, know more where I want to be, or do later in my future. It helps me to take more risks and develop in the tasks I’m and I will be doing, because practise makes perfect. I would say every young adult should take this opportunity once in their life because after this you will become stronger you will have more knowledge and you will be ready for the things that are coming ahead with the experience you will gain. There is so much happiness, joy, freedom, confidence, meeting new people getting to know different cultures, if you just live in your own box you would never get too experience it.

This year 2016 is 20 Years celebration for EVS Erasmus+ and I know that it will last many years more, because young people need this as bird needs wings, as a fish needs water in order to be able live fulfilling life! This opportunity that EVS gives is priceless and we should not take it for granted. If you are still thinking about this, I encourage you to make a step and let yourself flow in this journey, adventurous new period in your life road.

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