Two seasons of EVS in Sweden!

Time flies indeed! My first days of EVS feel like yesterday. I remember coming to Stockholm, having no clue what to expect. However, it all turned out very well!

I live in a beautiful place called Tollare that you can see on the attached picture. It lies on the seaside and is full of nature, including very Swedish landscape with forests and some little animals running all around. Anyway, it takes only 30 minutes to get to the city centre of Stockholm and enjoy walking around the Old Town (Swedish ‘’Gamla Stan).

The work at Active office has already provided me with a lot of useful knowledge, even though there is still six months ahead. I had a great chance to become a part of two amazing preparation teams and organize very interesting youth projects in Norway and Brussels. It has been also a good experience of working on communication matters and other daily stuff at the office. I really like the positive atmosphere and creative spirit in here. It is a place where you work with pleasure and the feeling of doing something really worthy.

I have also started my Swedish language course that gives me the capacity of understanding more and more the world that surrounds me. I can already say that Stockholm feels like my second home and I do not feel like ending my EVS adventures.

Looking forward to two more seasons at Tollare! your social media marketing partner