Freedom, it is won.



What is freedom to you?


So many of us live in a fear, fear of failing, fear of trying. It’s the biggest thing that walks beside us and controls us. And how many of us really manage to become free, and live in unending freedom.? Because we all have freedom! But freedom from what? Freedom to do or be what?

I come from a family that is not perfect and it is okay because there is no such a thing as a perfect family. My mum gave the best she could from the best she saw and received herself. I grew up in a countryside surrounded by green fields and forest, there was so much freedom around and I was part of it. To run with wild open arms around, fly together with the birds in the sky, or imagine myself as one of the clouds and flow in this unending sky so far away. I would say growing up in this atmosphere gave me so much. Today I have such a wild and an open mind that feels like has no limits.

But as I grew up, I noticed that in so any life situations I am not really free and my actions show differently, I noticed I live fear when life offers freedom everywhere. We sometimes think that we are free but really deep inside, sometimes catch ourselves doing some things because others require that or society tells us, not what we would really want to. For example, many people claim that they feel free when they take a drink or use drugs and that it helps them to become free, but what it really does, it puts chains on you and your life. You are addicted and addiction its antonym from freedom. True freedom occurs only in the heart when it is changed and made new. But to gain that it’s a journey of finding yourself first which most of us don’t even bother with taking this journey.

I think if we manage to stand firm, and choose the way we want that’s when we start winning the battle and taking the freedom we have. But can you have so much freedom that you don’t know what to do with it? True freedom would mean that in any given situation all the possible options are open to you. Nothing or nobody stops you from choosing what you want to do. Your decisions are purely driven by your value system, beliefs, intellect and emotions.

There are a lot of people in the world that uses freedom by affecting and hurting others, in which cases we wish that there would be no freedom, but should we really call this freedom. Because for me freedom is something you have a right to choose and if you know it is good it shouldn’t hurt others but it should make you unique and a hero.

For me, freedom is God and his love. I believe that he loves me so much that he gave his one and only son to die for me so I can have eternal life. When I find him that’s when I really become free, free from society and its rules for others and what everybody wants. Instead of pleasing society I try to honor God and follow the road he planned for my life. That’s when I can breathe and say I’m really free. All things will work better for me! 2 Corinthians 3:17 says ‘’Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.’’ And I believe there is indeed. Without him I would be so attached to this world that in the end, I think I would just lose my identity and its nothing worse than not knowing who you are, what you like, and the purpose for the life. If you don’t have answers to these questions then what motivation you have for living, for moving in forward. Is there really nothing more in this life than just surviving and having few fun days? I’m not up for that, I’m up for more. What a privilege to live, to love, to choose and be happy with the choices we make or from mistakes we learn. It’s a privilege to wake up every morning and be able to plan to have an outcome that would make you proud. My freedom is in God, others find their freedom somewhere else, but all of us need to look for it, find the true freedom that would set us free.

All of it, is a choice. Our choice. And in choosing, we find freedom.

This is true freedom. This is grace.

By Greta Mauricaite your social media marketing partner