Zoom in Media / Alcohol marketing, results from Sweden.

While Sweden is among the bottom countries when it comes to frequency of consumption by young people, it has a much higher standing when it comes to the amount consumed. Boys and girls drank roughly the same amount of alcohol at last time of consumption (7.0 cl), which places Sweden in the top four. The volume consumed is relatively high compared to other ESPAD countries for both boys and girls, consequently Sweden also has a relatively high intoxication score (38% of respondents has ever been very drunk). 31% have consumed 5 or more drinks on one occasion during last 30 days.
Interestingly enough, the most recent ESPAD survey in 2011 revealed that Sweden was the only country of the 39 participating countries in which heavy episodic drinking was higher for girls then for boys. In line with this there were more girls who reported to have drank during the last 30 days. Also, girls report to have been intoxicated more frequent then boys, all together 14% answered to have been drunk during the last 30 days, while 42% of the girls reported ever having been drunk against 35% of the boys. Cider is the most popular alcoholic beverage for girls, while boys predominantly go for beer (ESPAD Report, 2011).

When we look at adult alcohol consumption, the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Status Report on Alcohol 2014 tells us that per capita alcohol consumption lies below the European average (7.2 vs. 10.9 liters of pure alcohol), with males drinking more than twice the amount of women. Surprisingly then, the percentages of both alcohol use disorders and alcohol dependence are much higher than the European average (8.9% & 4.7% vs. 7.5% & 4%) (WHO Status Report 2014).

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