Are we all EQUAL?

Here comes another value that Active strongly stands for and which is one of the most important aspects for the European Union. Equality is a relatively new social norm still unclear in its practical meaning. Even though described with many emphatic words, social equality is still not present in many parts of the world and treated with a lack of trust and understanding in Europe.

Let's try to define what equality means. Overall in simple words it is a state of affairs in which all people within a specific society or isolated group have the same status. Basically, it aims at providing the equal situation for all of the members of the society. However, we can barely think of a place where this perfect concept functions properly. We are still in process of developing good law practices and making the world more and more equal ...

In Europe it all started with the fight for civil rights and the social movement of Industrial Revolution. Since the end of XVIII century we still try to obtain the economic equality and equal access to social goods and services. During last 20 years more social groups and politicians in Europe have been raising the topic of gender equality and equal position of men and women on the labour market. Currently, we also talk about LGBT equality where people are equal no matter what kind of sexual orientation they prefer (which is the part of their private decisions). Another concept is the equal opportunity saying that all people should be treated similarly. There should be no prejudices and preferences but just equal starting point for every person.

At Active we strongly believe that each person no matter what circumstances has the same equal rights as another. During our camps and seminars young people from all over the Europe meet up and work together. They come from different countries, cultures with the mix of languages and various social background. However, we follow the rules of respecting each other’s equal rights and saying no to the stereotypes and social barriers. In result, each person feels welcome and comfortable and each participant of the seminars has equal opportunity for learning and developing their skills.

Sometimes people say no to the equality, claiming rhat it might take away part of their freedom. All in all, when we look at the scale of poverty in Europe and disfunctional families, we wish that all of th children would have a chance for an equal start. So are we all equal? We are not yet but who knows what the future might bring. your social media marketing partner