Starting New Chapter, New EVS Volunteer At Active Ofiice.

Hello Active!

My name is Andreia Rodrigues, I was born in Portugal and lived there are all my life. I am originally from a small town but I moved to Lisbon and lived there for 4 years in order to take my Law degree. When I finished that period of my life and I had to look for new goals. That’s how I came across the EVS program and I found the opportunity to work with Active. I am really excited about this opportunity because the principles that Active follows are very much my own. Actually I never thought that I would be able to find a project so close to my ideals of living, my lifestyle, but gladly I did!

In Portugal I volunteered in a project that was also related to sobriety, helping people that were former prisioners so that they wouldn´t use drugs and alcohol as a way of handling their problems. It was very important to me because our target was people that were pretty much fighting against sobriety, because they felt so attracted to alcohol and drug abuse. It was challenging. Because I have had this principle of being sober all my life it was very strange for me to handle addiction, it was a reality check and a good learning process about our society’s problems.

Now I hope that my work with Active will somehow make a change among young people by spreading the idea that sobriety is good and fun! I hope that with my work I can somehow help changing the mindset that people have to drink or use drugs in order to have fun, plus supporting those who already have this principle to live by but maybe feel unsupported in a society that faces alcohol and drugs as something harmless.

I am exciting to start this new journey and to see what this experience will bring into my life! your social media marketing partner