Who are we?

!Active - Sobriety, Friendship and Peace is a European youth umbrella organization gathering 31 organization from 24 different European countries. Founded in 1990, our organization engages more than 25 000 young people, all united in what they promote and practice – a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs.


Active's work focuses on stimulating the potential of young people through promoting a lifestyle free from alcohol and other drugs and creating free, safe and inclusive environment for young people and children .


The main activities of Active represent non-formal education methods such as trainings, intercultural learning and social activities. Active builds on international meetings, study sessions and workshops - educating its members on topics relevant for young people, such as democracy, human rights, social inclusion, youth advocacy and social proactivesness and participation. We believe that mutual understanding creates the base of equality and peace.


Our vision is a democratic, diverse and peaceful world, where any individual can live up to their full potential, free from alcohol and other drugs.


We consider alcohol and other drugs as direct hinders of young people's potential and as factors whose influence reflects in the issues of families, children's rights, social inclusion, youth unemployment, democracy, violence against women and girls and the creation of sustainable environments. Through our activities, we want to raise the awareness about the questions of alcohol and other drugs-related harm, to foster the creation of evidence-based policies tackling alcohol-related harm on national and European level and  to present the drug free lifestyle as an attractive alternative to young people in Europe.


In line with active's vision, we currently have six policies that reflect our vision in different ways :  Alcohol policy,  Peace and development, Drug policy, Tobacco policy, The rights of young people and Social inclusion policy.


 Out of these policy areas, our prioritized working topics for the period 2012-2014 are :

- Alcohol marketing

- Youth unemployment

- Social inclusion

- Children's rights and children of alcoholics

-Policies reducing alcohol-related harm and supporting the alcohol and other drugs free lifestyle and environments

- Narcotics prevention and policy


Our organization aims to foster the creation of more free, safe and inclusive environments for young people, to facilitate the capacity building of young people on various societal issues, and to advocate for better social conditions and opportunities for young people to be engaged, healthy and proactive citizens in the future. 


IOGT international is the global movement of all of our member organizations, unitfying them with the other sister organizations from the whole world from all age groups. IOGT International offers a unique mixture of tradition and innovation, diversity and unity, global movement and local communities. They provide safe and enabling environments, open to all. We lead by example. IOGT International is an independent organization open to everyone who strives for a drug free world. The members of IOGT International lead by example in that they live and advocate a life free of alcohol and other drugs. Simply put: we are passionate about helping other people find pure joy of life. In Europe, the IOGT movement is represented through 59 Member Organizations in 26 countries.

Find out more about IOGT international on their webpage: http://iogt.org/about-iogt/members/europe/

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