Zoom in Media

Short presentation of the objectives of the European ZOOM in media project

September 2014 - August 2016


This project aims to bring together young people from very different backgrounds from our member organizations, and marketing students from local Universities. During the 2 years of the project, they will have the opportunity to find the best ways of using their fullest potential and to share and acquire knowledge on media literacy during the high level training, look into their rights and responsibilities as EU citizens and compare their experiences among the participating countries on specific topics.


The first international activity will focus on capacity building for future network members, where the participants will acquire tools for monitoring alcohol marketing in media, with the expertise of EUCAM. Each national team of 3 will work on creating their national initiative, using the skills they have acquired during the training phase. Under the coordination of EUCAM and Active, the national initiatives will monitor specific elements of the media through youth’s perspective. The national teams will need to spread their knowledge and enlarge their national teams during the phase of implementation of the national initiatives. Eventually, the national teams in cooperation with University students in marketing will create country reports of the national initiatives, while EUCAM will help with analyzing the raw data.


During the second year of the project, the focus will be set on acquiring skills, opening opportunities and experiencing advocacy based on the work and the results from the international training and the national initiatives. The acquired skills will be used not only for advocating in terms of media monitoring, but will also provide sustainable knowledge that can be spread to other young people and used further, in advocating for social change in general.


Toward the end of the project, there will be a European and 5 other national conferences for presentation of the results of the project and more importantly for opening dialogue between the participants in the project, the general public and the relevant policy makers from the national and local public bodies. This phase is important for the maximization of the skills and experiences that the young people have gotten throughout the project, for disseminating the results and the findings of the initiatives and for discussing possible future steps for a more quality and healthier media by and for the young people. This final step has the objective to raise awareness of the general public, to make the public process participatory for young European citizens and to possibly open new opportunities for future cooperation and partnerships in the field.

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