While Sweden is among the bottom countries when it comes to frequency of consumption by young people, it has a much higher standing when it comes to the amount consumed. Boys and girls drank roughly the same amount of alcohol at last time of consumption (7.0 cl), which places Sweden in the top four. The volume consumed is relatively high compared to other ESPAD countries for both boys and girls, consequently Sweden also has a relatively high intoxication score (38% of respondents has ever been very drunk). 31% have consumed 5 or more drinks on one occasion during last 30 days.
Interestingly enough, the most recent ESPAD survey in 2011 revealed that Sweden was the only country of the 39 participating countries in which heavy episodic drinking was higher for girls then for boys. In line with this there were more girls who reported to have drank during the last 30 days. Also, girls report to have been intoxicated more frequent then boys, all together 14% answered to have been drunk during the last 30 days, while 42% of the girls reported ever having been drunk against 35% of the boys. Cider is the most popular alcoholic beverage for girls, while boys predominantly go for beer (ESPAD Report, 2011).

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Have you ever thought you can get a local barbershop outbid a giant beer company? The struggle for the Everton jersey sponsorship is on ! Sean&Sean want to place their barber shop logo on the jersey of their favourite club Everton, instead of the current Chang beer logo. How? More information in our press release !

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Active - Sobriety, Friendship and Peace is opening a Call for Scholarships for the Congress delegates coming from its Member Organizations coming from non-EU and new EU countries (following the definition of our Principle for Membership Fees adopted at the Congress 2012). Other delegates that have financial difficulties are invited to contact the office directly. 

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In short this has been my experience the Charlemagne Youth Prize and the days in Aachen. And now comes a long thank you to all the people who made it happen. Starting with all the organizers of the days in Aachen, for arranging everything for us, for taking care of us, for the evening activities, for answering any questions and for the fabulous award ceremony. To all the people with whom I had the chance to talk and gain new perspectives, who maybe not even knowing gave me a lot of inspiration. I can only say thank you and I hope that I meet you soon again! In addition I would just like to say thanks to Active for giving me this opportunity, to all of whom have been part of this project, to my prep-team who always managed to outdo themselves.  Although the biggest thanks goes to all the participants of the project, of all the people who were part of our trainings, who took their time to walk around and collect stories.  This award is for all of you, for your work put in and for your motivation to build small steps for a better tomorrow! Read the full story by clicking here.

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We are proud of Julius Kramer and Hilde Thoresen, who were able to deliver statements during the Round table discussions at UNGASS this week.

Julius talked during Round Table 1 , where he raised the importance of prevention as well as highlighted some of the findings from the global youth survey that was produced within the Civil Society Task Force.

Hilde talked during Round Table 3, focusing on youth, their needs and challenges and elaborating on the fact that we do not need one more industry to be able to treat young people as a target market to conquer. Hilde's full statement is available here

We are very happy and proud of them and the whole team! :)

During the UNGASS week, we also produced and communicated infographics, with highlights from young people's and youth organizations' opinions on the 5 UNGASS topics. The infographics are available here

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Between 19th and 21st of April, Active's team consisted of Julius Kramer, Hannele Danielsson-Mereus and Hilde Thoresen are attending the United Nations' General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS), a historic event that shapes the discussions on drug policy all over the world. 

But what do young people think about drug policy? What kind of a world do we want to see? Can we be part of the discussions, even though we are not in New York?

Three questions - three answers :

1) Active was coordinating the youth consultation in the scope of the Civil Society Task Force, that aimed to understand what young people and youth organizations think and expect from drug policy. We were able to reach 70 organizations and over 200 individuals from all over the world. You can find the reports from our survey by clicking here (for the results from the youth organizations) and here (for the results from the individuals)

2) What Active thinks about UNGASS and its priority areas is nicely summarized here

3) You CAN follow the discussions in New York ! There will be a webcast live available here, and all information about UNGASS is available here 

Follow Active on Facebook and Twitter for live updates from New York :) 


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Are you a creative, active person, who is also a team player? Would like to do something fun and inspirational? that can help promote healthy living and beat cancer? And would you also like the chance to win cool prizes?

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Zoom in Media Poland team from IOGT Polska has the full research - from all 750 participants that took place in the survey about alcocol marketing on the streets, shops ,television, magazines and etc, together with the pictures - out in public for you today.

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Dear Member Organizations!

During this beautiful spring days we would like to invite you to take a part in Active’s action for April 2016 ‘”Alcohol? No,thank you ’’.

How many times have you given your explanation on a question: ‘’Why don’t you take a beer with us?’’. Usually there is an expectation of giving a reason such as ‘’I drive a car’’ or ‘’I take my medicine ...’’. What makes it so uneasy to accept simple answer ‘’Alcohol? No,thank you’’ without further questions? What are the most common answers that are expected in this case? Tell us what people say to u when you say no to alcohol. What are the things u hear?

We would like to hear your opinion!

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Big Alcohol Exposed!

More than 20 organizations from all over the world, including Active, have stepped up to the challenge to expose Big Alcohol.

The campaign aims to expose the truth about the unethical business methods of the alcohol industry. One example is alcohol marketing, which increases the likelihood that kids and youth will start to use alcohol and that they will consume more if they are already using alcohol.

Join us in the efforts to expose what the alcohol industry does – as it is definitely not what it says. Support the new campaign & spread the information. Follow the latest news on the official webpage, Facebook and Twitter.

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