How many experts does it take to explain the world drug problem? This is not a trick question. The answer is: a bunch. This became very visible (and I'll explain why, later on) during the seminar "9 lessons on drugs", who set a high bar and last week gathered people involved in the fight against drugs - on all levels of society, from all over the world. The seminar took place in Stockholm and was arranged by WFAD (World Federation Against Drugs) with partners.

All the participants were experts in their own fields of work, ranging from different aspects of drug prevention to recovery work. Researchers, educators, local heroes and global advocates. The sessions were run by world-renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, sociology, public health, human rights law, prevention, recovery, diplomacy and law enforcement.

So, in addition to all the hotshots and experts, there was me. I was there to get a little smarter, but walked away with more than facts. My name is Julius, and I'm part of a global Civil Society Task Force on Drugs. I work with amplifying the voices of the world's young people, in the process leading up to next year's big UN meeting on drugs: the UNGASS (also called the "United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the World Drug Problem" - see why it's abbreviated?).

Hello hello from Slovakia!

Do you know what was happening during the last weekend of October ?

If not, I will tell you : I have had an opportunity to go to the one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Brussels. There we had a first preparatory meeting of the YO!FEST, which is taking place in Strasbourg, in May 2016. Active has been selected to be a partner of the event and we are very excited to add up to the programme with our ideas and activities.

This week has started with great news - a granted Partipatory Status with the Council of Europe !

With the participatory status, Active will be able to actively engage in the work of the Concil of Europe and contribute to the discussions of the Parliamentary Assembly. Through doing consultative work, making written and oral statements and addressing seminars and other meetings, Active will be able to voice out the concerns, needs and demands from our wide membership. More specifically, Active and its members will be able to take part in the work of the active committees and groups, working on human rights, democracy and social cohesion.

We look forward to starting this new chapter !

More information about obtaining participatory status is available here

This year the Human Rights Generation team has been working on sharing stories from around Europe on the different humn rights violations the people go through. Together with the participants, they created a short video sharing thier stories, which you can see here.

Dear friends,

we are happy to announce the place time and name of the next Camp and Congress of Active - Sobriety, Friendship and Peace, hosted by IOGT Poland. The most important week for the European youth sober movement is between 24th and 30th of July 2016 in Sromowce Wyzne in Poland. "Time For Color" will be THE place for fun, knowldege, democracy, friendship and an unforgettable week of being together in Poland next year. Book your calendars, and the webpage for registration is coming up soon. 

Many greetings and enjoy the photo gallery (pictures by Magdalena Bugla). 

This is a call to all of our HRG participants and people who have followed it through the year. Our project has now reached its final stage and we are having one final meet up in Brussels this year. Continue reading for more details and application form.

Reflecting on human rights and solidarity, the Board of Active addresses its member organizations and the public with a heartfelt statement, calling for action. Read about it here

Feel free to apply for our exchange programme!

The event is taking place in Kværnstua (IOGT), Sandefjord, Norway, from 01st to 07th of November 2015. We are searching for participants from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Estonia.

During the first week of August, young people from all over Europe gathered in Romania to attend the special celebratory edition of this year's summer camp. "Fortress 2015" in Romania was the place to be and enjoy a number of workshops, activities and an exciting set of panel debates. Read our press release here and join the celebration <3

Want to spend an awesome week with your Active friends? This is your chance for a scholarship! Apply until 15th of June!