We conclude this year's Children of Alcoholics Week with a press release ! Active - Sobriety, Friendship and Peace, Better Ukraine, Junis and Active UK are jointly reflecting on the work of the children and youth organizations in Europe, as the major support providers for this vulnerable group. Will the political discussion shift to ensuring that ALL  children and young people in EU have ALL rights ?

Between 8th and 14th of February, Active and its member organizations are marking the Children of Alcoholics week. In Europe, there are 9 million children of alcoholics – children and young people living in families where one or both of their parents are addicted to alcohol. Very often, these children and young people take up grown up roles in their lives way too early, they live in poverty or feel excluded in their environments.

We use this week to raise the awareness about their needs and realities and, through a series of simple and creative activities, to encourage positive action by the communities, decision makers, by all of us. Throughout the week, Active and its members will be involved in several activities. We invite you to join as well! :)

Welcome to a year full of inspiration, new challenges and awesomeness. This is the very best opportunity for spending a year abroad and for working for and with the only youth sober movement in Europe. The EVS service would start in middle September 2015 and will finish in the end of August 2016. 


Call for Prep Team -This is a special year for Active, because we are turning 25 and we are starting this year with many new and exciting projects. For this reason we are in a search for a prep-team for our “Human Rights Generation – Freedom of the 21st century” project. We are looking within our members who inspire us to reach new goals and we invite them to apply and continue inspiring other young people leading this project.

Our president is giving you a sneak peak in the activities of the first part of 2015 with Active and wishing you an inspiring 2015. Take your open hearts and your luggage, and lets fill this year with Active Spirit! =) You can read her blog here.

2014 will not finish without the perfect Christmas gift for our amazing member organizations around Europe. Being inspired by you and with yours, our friends', and the contributions by the previous board and office, Active is finally promoting the MO package! 

In 1950 the UN General Assembly proclaimed 10 December to be Human Rights day. The topic of Human Rights has been a key working point for Active and this year we are celebrating it by promoting our Do it Yourself documentary.

In the fourth - and last episode of Glodden (podcast by UNF), the voice of Glodden - Lucas Nilsson, interviewed our Secretary General about presence of Active in Europe.

A new and exciting project of Active-Sobriety, friendship and peace, under the name of “Local youth initiative – LYI – powered by Fake Free”, is taking over 5 European countries, and it started this autumn!

Dear Members,

Knowledge sharing is an activity through which knowledge (i.e., information, skills, or expertise) is exchanged among people, friends, families, communities (e.g., Active's open knowledge sharing community), or organizations.