Dear Members,

Knowledge sharing is an activity through which knowledge (i.e., information, skills, or expertise) is exchanged among people, friends, families, communities (e.g., Active's open knowledge sharing community), or organizations. your social media marketing partner

Active family is for some time now considering possible development of sober youth activities in Italy. Taking into account the results of research we undertook there, it was decided that it is effective for Active to concentrate on establishing an active group of young people who would help us spread our ideas across different regions of the country. your social media marketing partner

The 20th of November marks 25 years since the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most widely accepted human rights treaty on global level. The Convention is a landmark document that redefined the role of children to social actors who bear rights and have voices to be heard. your social media marketing partner

School holiday resort „Aerie” in Sromowce Wyzne is the perfect place to hold Active biannual Congress and summer camp in 2016! your social media marketing partner

Zoom in Media is a two year project being implemented in Sweden, Poland, Iceland and Romania with the support of EUCAM. The first stage of the project wasa high-level training in Utrecht, Netherlands, where the participating countries had the opportunity to find the best ways of using their fullest potential and to share and acquire knowledge on alcohol marketing and media literacy. your social media marketing partner

From the 9th until 15th November we will start a new and highly important project called Zoom in Media. It is a project created by Active in collaboration with EUCAM, and it has been financed by the Youth In Action program. your social media marketing partner

Continuing Inspire Freedom, the IOGT International campaign, for the 25th this October, our Board has created new photos for the campaign, where they invite everyone to join in to end gender based violence and to stand for gender equality. your social media marketing partner

Following the research that Active Office implemented earlier this year regarding the level of  interest of our member organizations for mobility programme within Erasmus +, more concretely, European voluntary service, we announce that we are now ready to support our member organizations in: your social media marketing partner

Congress 2014 decisions

This year Active had its biggest event happening where all of our members came together for the Active congress. We finally have all the documents and we are happy to share the results from all the decisions taken during the Congress of 2014 in Tschierv, Swizterland. your social media marketing partner

EUCAM (European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing) asked members of Active - Sobriety, friendship and peace to choose an alcohol commercial and create a mock version of it. your social media marketing partner