Nordic Conference for the Baltic Sea region

Topic: Introducing a different perspective on alcohol marketing your social media marketing partner


HRG Conference Registration Form
  1. This is a Registration Form for participants of the Human Rights Generation Conference, to be held on December 4th 2013, from 12:00 to 17:10, in the premises of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).
  2. The conference will promote videos made on specific human rights issues in combination with two panel debates on the two following topics:
    1. "Democracy in crisis - Young people's challenges of today"
    2. "Digging out dreams – Children’s wellbeing and alcohol"

  3. Confirmed speakers at the conference will be:
    • Malin Thorson, President, Undomnykterhetsforbung Sweden
    • Monika Kosinska, Secretary General, European Public Health Alliance
    • Maureen O'Neill, President of the Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship of the EESC
    • Johanna Nyman, Board Member of European Youth Forum
    • Julius Op de Beke, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission
    • Joanna Wrona, DG CONNECT, European Commission
    • Nils Johan Svalastog Garnes, EUROCARE (The European Alcohol Policy Alliance)
    • Michaela Sieh - Learning for Wellbeing/Alliance Eliant
    • Mary Honeyball, Member of the European Parliament
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My EVS training

Even though I’ve promised a blog post on social life in Stockholm, it’s gonna have to wait because I have something more fabulous to write about – my EVS training. your social media marketing partner

10 days ago, me (Mimi) and Kristaps (Christmas for the friends) got together and represented Active in an amazing and interesting training in Vienna, called “How to develop policies from Youth Work Perspective”. European Youth Forum, the platform of the national youth councils and international non-governmental youth organizations in Europe, organized the training. If you are wondering why did it take so long for us to write the blog, we have a simple argument: we were shocked. your social media marketing partner

Dear Active blog readers,

I would like to inform you about The European Youth Forum project in which Active is participating together with NOM Slovakia. It is called Growth Project (MGP) and we got included in it this June. As the title of project says, it is about membership in our organisation. The project should teach us what, where, why, how we need to recruit new members. Why did we choose this project? your social media marketing partner

In his annual State of the Union – SOTEU speech, the President of the European Commission Barroso delivered the current state of affairs in the European Union, outlining both the major achievements done in the one-year period since the last SOTEU speech, as well as the major challenges that are still waiting to be overcome. Barosso related the feeling of being confident for the first ones, and the feeling of being vigilant for the second, while saying that everything that has been achieved attributes to a joint effort of all the institutions in the EU mechanism. your social media marketing partner

Mission Impossible

A lot of really interesting things happened this week! We have finally finished with all the introductory meetings and it was officially time for the Active teambuilding activity! your social media marketing partner

In an attempt to bring my EVS experience as close as possible to the readers, and possible future EVS volunteers, I have decided to write about a different aspect of life in Sweden, from a healthcare point of view. I believe this post will be useful to anyone who is having questions or doubts regarding the safety or care the EVS Volunteers get. your social media marketing partner

Before you travel, you hear many stories about other countries. Some good, some bad, some hard to believe, and some that make you jump on the first airplane to get there. I’ve heard stories about Sweden, and it has definitely lived up to its reputation of being the most organized country in Europe – the complete opposite to my country of origin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and yet somehow, exactly the same. your social media marketing partner