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EVS in Active

EVS is an abbreviation for European Voluntary Service and it is one of the tools of European Comission to ensure mobility and non-formal education for young people.

What does it mean in real life? That it is possible for young people (18 - 30 years old) to go abroad for maximum one year (12 month), stay at some organisation that works with the issues one feels interested in (environment, alcohol prevention, sports etc) and to have chance to use the time and energy on being busy only with the topic. In addition to that, those who travel abroad for one year have a huge chance to learn the language of the country they choose and  learn more about the culture. EVS opens new possibilities in one's life.

Active in cooperation with NORDGU hosts 2 volunteers per year. If you want to know how they are doing, read their blog entries and if you want to be a volunteer in our office, contact office(at)activeeurope(dot)org.

The EVS is a part of "Erasmus+" Programme. your social media marketing partner

It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote a blog post.  Nevertheless here I am sitting in the office and looking outside the window at the snowy roads and falling snowflakes. Despite the beautiful view, the weather outside is just frightful! -24 degrees for the last two days, but I am not complaining. I like it this way, because I have the time now to check out all the amazing photos on the new summer camp web-page. your social media marketing partner

I was supposed to participate to the conference “Local communities
TAKE CARE”, sponsored by the money of the local government in
Germany. Here is the letter I needed to write after the conference
to them, because of the disappointment I felt: your social media marketing partner

The Italian Job

Another fine season… Autumn is the period when things get started, whether it is a new hobby, a language course, a sport or simply an academic year. But it is also said that one can enjoy the fruits of autumn only if involved in a blooming spring. As a result of the working spring in ACTIVE, we are experiencing a week-full of activities in this year’s October venue – our  bags are packed for Rome! your social media marketing partner

It’s been about time for the Active board to say: HI, WE ARE HERE, WE ARE DOING, WE ARE ACTIVE! We are hoping the blogg-writing will become regular and ongoing and something worth following. It has been an year since our ”new group of nine” got to work together and I must say we have been doing great! I can report that on our last board meeting in Riga we could, with big satisfaction and happyness, see that we are on the right way fullfilling YOUR plan of action for the years 2010-2012! your social media marketing partner

Heading for a more sober future in Latvia. In a country where the alcohol consumption is one of the highest for young and especially underage people in Europe, finally there is a change towards more sober direction. From 20. June the government of Latvia verified the rule that young people from 18 to 25 years old without the request of the cashier have to show their ID card. your social media marketing partner

They told me I would be taking the “scenic route” to Bosnia.

Well, how scenic?

Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia…

… in a bus.

… for 40 hours.

… with 50 other people. your social media marketing partner

It was ? nice Friday afternoon, one of the days from my office field trip for supporting our organizations. I was sun-bathing on a nice chair in the nature, waiting for a call, it was around 4 pm. Then my mobile phone rang, and it was Mirek from IOGT Polska (Poland). He said that they are at the place which we chose for the meeting. I said: I will be there in 10 minutes, wait for me! I sat into my car and drove to the meeting place. When I was there, I was searching for them and I cannot find them. A new idea came to my mind, maybe there are at my home address, which I posted in the map. Then I tried my place. Nobody!!! In my mind: Where they are? They are in Sala, or there are in some other city? Are their lost? I need to call them! your social media marketing partner

Hello everyone!

Just as the clock slowly passes midnight, I’m starting to mark my first month in Stockholm. I know that many of you won’t see the “me & Stockholm” connection as a big surprise, since I did spend quite some time there working with the numbers :-)

But this time it is different and it’s more than just the numbers.  Now I’m greeting you from the Political Officer position in Active :-) So are you ready to talk about policy? your social media marketing partner