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” (Not) so different”

40 young people from over 20 European countries gathered together this week for the seminar “(Not) so different” on cross-cultural understanding. The participants were unbelievably enthusiastic and did some fantastic work.

Patrik and Stefan

The two new volunteers, Stefan and Patrik

The new EVS volunteers, Patrik and I (Stefan), are now into the swing of things in the Active Office. Stockholm has welcomed us with beautiful sights, early morning traffic jams and a swamp of new information to digest.
With various introductions to Active’s political work, project management, application writing, website editing and a host of other new topics, Partik and I have dived straight into cold water – just the way it should be! To be honest, adjusting to the new job, a big city and hearing Swedish (instead of English or German) is a bit tough, but it also represents a good chance to step up to.


It’s strange feelings to writing this blog. I think I still can not believe that my experience in Sweden has come to an end.
It is difficult for me to imagine another spent days without people who have become part of my life. I can not imagine returning to the house where there will be no Melina and Henry.

As I write this I am the only one still up. The last week or so has been so different. Maybe not so different but it really seems so real.  My life as a volunteer comes to an end. I will get on a ferry on Thursday. That is 3 days from the point I am writing this. 3 days where I will have to manage all the packing and all the endings. It is a special 3 days. Every day has more value as the last. Not sure what’s going to be on Wednesday.

When I was at primary school, we had a lesson where we discussed different methods on how to express our feelings. One of the tasks was to write a letter to a thing. I remember, that I wrote a letter to my stockings. Today, it’s time to write a letter to Active. So here we go:

Dear Active!

I am sitting here writing this letter, listening to Shakira and some bunch of people practicing a dance. They have lots of fun which makes me happy and realize how beautiful you are.

You are a beautiful beautiful organization. You got me from the first moment we met. You took me places, you showed me faces. You gave me inspiration, I learnt about passion, I fell, I raised, I got doubts and I found hope. I met you 13 years ago more or less by coincidence. Since then, every day that followed was a conscious decision to spent yet another day with you.

Areee we readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Yes we are!

Don´t forget to pack with you all the spare energy and all the saved sleep because you will have no time for sleeping ;)

EVS trip to Goteborg

To show you glimpse of how EVS volunteers spend free time we made nice videos for you :)   Enjoy !

Trip :)

Midsommar i Göteborg

Day in Goteborg !

So what happens when we all go home after seminar?
We all played different parts. Some of us were more engaged in practical things, some in lectures, some in participating, some in taking photos, some in dialogs ect.
So two months almost three, after seminar I´m sitting in Active office with little folder on my desk that is called seminar report. This folder contains all names of seminar participants.

Seminar in Poland …

Do you want to go back to those moments?

I would like to write so close your eyes and imagine that you are there

(you know , like a little meditation), but close your eyes and read the blog at the same time is no easy task . ;)

Are you ready to remind yourself what you have made ?