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For society , person  who doesn’t drink alcohol at a party  is being  subject to social exclusion.

On which side are you on ?

I know that it is difficult to say NO when larger group exerts pressures on you, but I learned it, and the greatest success is that today I can say  NO without much effort. I’m not afraid of someones reaction  who doesn’t respect and doesn’t accept my decision.  I’m sober and  this fact make me happy:)

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Almost one week ago, on friday 20/04/2012 we got to read in EurActiv that the European Commission is in the frames of preparing a new EU’s alcohol strategy, going to focus more on health warning BUT first alcohol industry will get a chance to self-regulate.

We thought that this is a huge step back as the industry has already gotten this chance and there are studies and studies new and old ones, that show that self-regulation in alcohol industry simply does not work.

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And here goes the third week in the office since I arrived. There were some very intense, diverse and inspiring days. The first weekend we had our auditors visiting Stockholm, so both days were filled with numbers. Thanks to the fact both our auditors were pretty experienced, we got many useful advices on how to improve our book keeping. We also heard a lot about the activities of our organizations, and some interesting stories about living in this multicultural world.

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This Thursday (19.04.12) the Active Office had workshop together with our member organisation UNF and the guests  from Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC Sri Lanka)about the work done on Sri Lanka.

” Digital Stories – Experience the Digitalization “

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„Relax” for the body.  How do you spend your weekend?
Weekend for the most of the young people is often seen to be as an occasion for having a good time if an alcohol is present there. After the whole week of studying or working relax is needed. It surely does and I’m sure that most of the people will agree with me. What intrigues me the most is how are they understanding the meaning of that word .  Instead of resting and taking care of themselves  they’re drinking a huge amount of alcohol. It’s a torture  , not a relax. Am I worrying too much? If you think so, try to answer the following questions.

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Here comes a new hello from a new person in the office!

I am happy to announce that I am going to be the Secretary General of Active starting from September. This also means that I need to get prepared for this period and to get some learning done. For this reason, I arrived to a beautiful Stockholm the previous weekend, and I will spend 3 weeks with Kristina and the rest of the office gang, learning about everyday activities and tasks, I will soon need to face with a new office team.

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And off we go. Board meeting in Poland, seminar in Poland, Nordgu seminar in Norway. We are ready =)

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Today my post will be somewhat different but I think that otherwise does not necessarily mean worse;)

“Someday in the market square, surrounded by a crowd of people sitting a blind with a hat on donations and the box with the inscription: “I am blind, please help”. One man who walked beside him, remarked, that his hat is almost empty, just few pennies … He threw him a few coins, and without asking for permission , man took the box, turned to the other side, and wrote something ….

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This weekend is the time for the kick off of our latest project Democracy is dialogue. 13 meetings with decision makers from different bodies: national Permanent representations, EC, EESC, EP, Committee of regions are booked and 16 participants are ready to rock Brussels for making Europe a little more drug free!

Here is the article about DiD published in Eurocare‘s Newsletter

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I’m back!

Hello all readers.
I hope you do enjoy our blogs… if you don’t then i will not write no more :P

It has become very nice here in sweden. The sun is out all the time and it is much warmer. It really makes me feel like there is a new beginning. I am used to spring, but it feels new every year. And it feels eveen newer here. I think it is fun. atleast it looks cool.

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