It is not always easy to follow your dreams when the dreams you have are also the biggest fears you carry. What my heart desires, what do I ache for - this is something that not so many of us will ever have the courage to question ourselves.

Time was passing by, year by year would go away and somewhere deep inside I would keep my dream locked and just focus on today, living, surviving for the moment. But is that all we want from life? To have security, stability and maybe a job you don't really like but it helps to survive. And I knew that is not me, I am keen for more. your social media marketing partner


Zoom in Media Project was a very ambitious project, it was not only to gather research results, it was also educate young people about the effects of alcohol marketing on drinking behavior and national regulations on alcohol marketing, in letting the research be conducted by young people (in some cases inexperienced in the field of research). Looking back the aims were partially achieved:  This report and the national report give a snapshot of the various ways that young people encounter alcohol advertising in their daily lives; it has focused the participants’ attention on the subject of alcohol marketing and its effects, as well as the national regulations; in various phases of the project it became apparent that the goal of acquainting young people with research through this project, however amendable, was not conducive to maintaining the quality of the research tools and dataset that was required for serious scientific analysis. Concluding we can say that Zoom in Media was a partly successful project in which young people have learned a lot and have more than made up any lack of research skills with enthusiasm and vigor. your social media marketing partner

Hello Active!

My name is Andreia Rodrigues, I was born in Portugal and lived there are all my life. I am originally from a small town but I moved to Lisbon and lived there for 4 years in order to take my Law degree. When I finished that period of my life and I had to look for new goals. That’s how I came across the EVS program and I found the opportunity to work with Active. I am really excited about this opportunity because the principles that Active follows are very much my own. Actually I never thought that I would be able to find a project so close to my ideals of living, my lifestyle, but gladly I did! your social media marketing partner

Dear readers,

The ACTIVE Congress took place in Grudek nad Dunajcem, Poland, July 26th to 28th  2016. During the Congress new plan of action and strategic plan were adopted together with Actives movement, Active policies -  for the upcoming 2 years.

New Board was elected during the Congress. Member organisation delegates selected Hilde Thoresen as the new board president and Kristaps Antoniskis as a vice-president, Tobias Larsson – Treasure, Igor Stojilovic – Secretary and Madalin-Ionut Costache, Natalia Maciejczyk, Linus Janzon, Ismail Siljak and Minela Djuderija as the Board members. It is important to mention that Active became richer by involving member organizations: Center for mental education from Latvia, Center for youth work from Serbia, Juniorforbund Junis from Sweden, and A.I.C.A.T from Italy. your social media marketing partner
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Zoom In Media - UKRAINE

Here is freshly new results from Zoom in Media porject in Ukraine. Thank you for everyone who participated and helped to gather all the information. The research was attended by youth aged 14-30 years, the average age is 17 years old. This research suggests that all youth of Ukraine are being exposed to alcohol marketing through various channels. This is the situation in a country with not strong restrictions on alcohol advertising.

Members of BetterUkraine in Kiev National University were talking about Zoom in Media project:


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